Sales Network

Business performance:

In 2003, 2005, titanium flange products sales to the United States, Canada;

In 2004, titanium mesh blue products have exported to South Korea, Japan, the United States;

Titanium plate sales to Taiwan in 2004;

In 2005, 2006, 8 consecutive titanium anode plate sales targets to Germany and Sweden;

2006 titanium forging rods, titanium, titanium cake, special-shaped products have exported to the United States and the European Union;

Titanium alloy, titanium plate in 2006 exports to the United States, Singapore, Brazil, Canada;

Titanium alloy 2007 mixer, titanium standard parts exports to the United States, South Korea, Australia;

Cylinder products are exported to Canada, 2009 (DeZURIK Canada Inc);

In 2009 under the large mixer shaft blades and other products are exported to the United States;

In 2012, Asia's largest stirring shaft (individual net weight more than 8 tons) series exported the United States;

Pump body, stainless steel 2014 fine plus project are exported to the United States;

Box 2015 fine plus project are exported to Germany.

Company of cooperation:

DeZURIK Canada Inc,

SPX Flow Technology


Eurokval AB, Sweden


Tianjin is day medical instrument co., LTD

Jiangsu jie have medical instrument co., LTD

Changzhou comfort medical instrument co., LTD

Tianjin wieman biological material co., LTD


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